• Published on: 13 November 2017
  • SHANTELL'S CHANNEL - https://www.youtube.com/shantellmartin
    CANDICE - https://www.lovebilly.com

    'Diamond Veins (Blowsom remix)' by French 79 http://hyperurl.co/DiamondVeinsRMX
    'Moon' by Kid Francescoli http://hyperurl.co/KID_PlayMeAgain

    filmed this video in 4k on this -- http://amzn.to/2sTDnRZ
    with this lens -- http://amzn.to/2rUJOmD
    big drone - http://tinyurl.com/h4ft3oy
    OTHER GEAR --- http://amzn.to/2o3GLX5
    Sony CAMERA http://amzn.to/2nOBmnv
    OLD CAMERA; http://amzn.to/2o2cQBT
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    amazing intro song by https://soundcloud.com/discoteeth

    ad disclosure. THIS IS NOT AN AD. not selling or promoting anything. but samsung did produce the Shantell Video as a 'GALAXY PROJECT' which is an initiative that enables creators like Shantell and me to make projects we might otherwise not have the opportunity to make. hope that's clear. if not ask in the comments and i'll answer any specifics.
  • Runtime : 11:18
  • SHANtell martin


  • Peta Wilkinson
    Peta Wilkinson   12 hours ago

    Yes to podcast, would love to hear more from Candice.She is an inspiration.

  • Uku Lady
    Uku Lady   18 hours ago

    Please do a podcast! Y'all are the best!!! Love from TX xoxo

  • ggwildlife
    ggwildlife   19 hours ago

    this video was pretty awesome and Shantell's art is amazing!

  • tina marafioti
    tina marafioti   1 days ago

    Bloody brilliant idea about the podcast therapy. If you ever need advise from some one who lives in Australia, and who also has 36 years of marriage experience under her belt, going on to 37. Let me know. P.S . The marriage has been a hell of a ride, with twist and turns I never dreamed could or would happen to me. Trust me my family life was nothing like the Brady bunch, more like .........OK can't compare with any television show I might have seen, but then again I'm not exactly up to date with television shows or movies, life was to busy and intense to have time to sit through a show or movie. But you I just found, and I like to watch, go figure! Must admit only seen a few of your shows so far, but I'm impressed so shall keep watching . Oh by the way recently saw one with the amazing Francine, what a trooper and smart as a tack, let her speak, she has a lot to say, love kids always make me smile.

  • Mashoto Shaku
    Mashoto Shaku   3 days ago

    So there's a girl turning lines into art, that's pretty cool. 👌

  • Adventure Clay & Lori

    Wow I love everything in her movie and her point of view. A line that is recognizably hers. Powerful!

  • tedtalksrock
    tedtalksrock   3 days ago

    I LOVE Candace...More Candace in everything. Podcast yes. More video appearances yes. <3 Candace you totally rock!

  • WillowJon T.V.
    WillowJon T.V.   4 days ago

    Awesome video guys! I got really emotional! super rad!

  • Belle& Daddy
    Belle& Daddy   4 days ago

    Shantell is a unique artist and can be extremely successful on YouTube if she would produce more contents.

  • Baba G
    Baba G   5 days ago

    i attached my SIM pin to my key chain so it’s with me all the time...

  • Patricia Machaj
    Patricia Machaj   5 days ago

    Not a great way to promote animal cruelty :( Not a fan of this cashmere nonsense.... its not right... love your videos, but not about product placement and animal cruelty.

  • Janine Jorgensen
    Janine Jorgensen   1 weeks ago

    Candice I think youre a funny girl. Yes Casey both of you do a pod

  • Curious Nita
    Curious Nita   1 weeks ago

    Ur no b*** Candice... U put up with Casey 🤣

  • John R
    John R   1 weeks ago

    Please do a podcast Candice is amazing screw what all the haters say. I love you both I am addicted to you both Not in a weird way lol. You know what would be cool. Spend a dat with Casey. I know this is a old video but just stared following you. Casey thanks for all you do for all of us

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G   1 weeks ago

    Casey. For the love of god. Don't move to California.

  • jonatan jui
    jonatan jui   1 weeks ago

    Lets make "therapy" podcast a thing!

  • Rory Page
    Rory Page   1 weeks ago

    I want her to make me a tattoo

  • Luís Esteves
    Luís Esteves   1 weeks ago

    I would be a fan. Listening to you uys while I drive or whilw I do something would be awsome

  • sergio palacios
    sergio palacios   1 weeks ago

    I absolutely love Candice. Idc what ever people say about her. She is awesome

  • Live with Free
    Live with Free   1 weeks ago

    I never comment, but fuck haters Candice you stay true to yourself your awesome! I would def listen to the podcast.

  • Andreas Schaffner
    Andreas Schaffner   1 weeks ago

    Casey you don‘t have to ask us ask Candice and please offline

  • lukemeschke
    lukemeschke   1 weeks ago

    Hell yes! Podcast is a fantastic idea! I’m so into that idea!