TWICE "Dance The Night Away" M/V

  • Published on: 09 July 2018
  • TWICE(트와이스) "Dance The Night Away" M/V

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  • Runtime : 4:9
  • TWICE Dance The Night Away TWICE 댄스더나잇어웨이 TWICE 댄스 더 나잇 어웨이 트와이스 댄스더나잇어웨이 트와이스 댄스 더 나잇 어웨이 TWICE DTNA 트와이스 DTNA Dance The Night Away 댄스더나잇어웨이 댄스 더 나잇 어웨이 DTNA Dance The Night Away M/V Dance The Night Away MV Dance The Night Away Music Video Dance The Night Away 뮤비 Dance The Night Away 뮤직비디오 TWICE 트와이스 TWICE M/V TWICE MV TWICE Music Video TWICE 뮤비 TWICE 뮤직비디오 트와이스 M/V 트와이스 MV 트와이스 뮤비 트와이스 뮤직비디오 TWICE Summer Nights TWICE Summer Song 트와이스 휘성


  • Venice Khyce
    Venice Khyce   31 minuts ago

    this song is the best dont come near me i got receipts

  • Ruby Mills
    Ruby Mills   32 minuts ago

    Don't forget to celebrate HEART SHAKER 1st aniversary💓🔥

  • Akala jamir
    Akala jamir   46 minuts ago

    Dance💃👯💃 the night away is a special song🎶🎤 🤣😂👍👌

  • Heart Shaker
    Heart Shaker   2 hours ago


  • Mills Berry
    Mills Berry   3 hours ago

    01:55 song is "the half moon is smilling" but Sana your true full moon who is always with her bright smile...Sanaya you are the cutest in the group you are my bias😘💕

  • K 246
    K 246   3 hours ago

    Okay....i dont like kpop but this is BOMB ❤️😍

  • Mills Berry
    Mills Berry   3 hours ago

    00:43 the cutest and brighest star of the group...😍🤗😘😘

  • Pinky Purpy
    Pinky Purpy   3 hours ago

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it

  • Finding Myself
    Finding Myself   5 hours ago

    This song makes to break me the floor(i can't stop jumping)

  • D3NIS3
    D3NIS3   5 hours ago


  • Dare 19
    Dare 19   5 hours ago

    Les Dens de Nara wey 🎵🎵🎵