Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House-Part 6

  • Published on: 07 July 2018
  • Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House-Part 6
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    -Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House-Part5
  • Runtime : 10:11
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    MAKEINZ   1 hours ago

    They lying they have running water.

  • HRL917 L
    HRL917 L   1 hours ago

    8:00 about bumped his head

  • lshndterrell
    lshndterrell   4 hours ago

    Ok so I'm really amped for that Glass preview they showed in the middle of this video. I can't wait to see it.

  • LilSoph
    LilSoph   4 hours ago

    8:00 To be continued!!! Hahaaa!

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G   5 hours ago

    That was really cool watching them put that together! wow

  • BlindGuy
    BlindGuy   5 hours ago

    Ahhhhh stagnant water. Perfect mosquito breeding ground

  • Max Snellman
    Max Snellman   9 hours ago

    4:18 he literally just threw the dirty water back into the waterway

  • jura assem
    jura assem   9 hours ago

    Красиво жить не запретишь.

  • Anyeli Guerrero
    Anyeli Guerrero   12 hours ago

    Lo q tiene en el centro es la marca de Apple 😂😂?

  • Rynio HS
    Rynio HS   13 hours ago

    A za tydzień czarna woda

  • TD 777
    TD 777   17 hours ago

    I just realized that the thing in the middle was an apple...oof

  • Thùy Đỗ
    Thùy Đỗ   18 hours ago

    I really like your videos 😍. Where are you from?

  • Chutima C
    Chutima C   19 hours ago