All McGregor Vs Khabib backstage Fights & scuffles

  • Published on: 07 October 2018
  • Conor McGregor Vs Khabib Nurmagovedov

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  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • Azmil Kais
    Azmil Kais   1 days ago

    Will see and I'm pretty sure Conor never saw that coming

  • Sun0sky
    Sun0sky   2 days ago


  • Texas Proud
    Texas Proud   4 days ago

    Honestly I wish Nate Diaz would fuck both of them up. CONOR FOR A 3RD TIME.

  • M. Anas
    M. Anas   5 days ago


  • Jacob Hatty
    Jacob Hatty   6 days ago

    Why is anyone surprised by this? Conor talks an unbelievable, obscene amount of shit. And finally somebody had enough of it. He broke their bus window. Of course those guys wanted to get payback and when they had their chance to they didn’t give a fuck that the cameras were rolling. Dana is an enabler. Conor got what he deserved and he should keep his fuckin mouth shut. It’s too bad that things went the way they did for Khabib- he deserved that belt. And that cocky shit who taunted him to jump the fence deserves to have his face broken too.

  • BM_A 36
    BM_A 36   6 days ago

    Yes khabib... . Salam INDONESIA..

  • Arman Ahmad
    Arman Ahmad   6 days ago


  • Mehemmed isg
    Mehemmed isg   6 days ago

    Khabib Eagle.. From Azerbaijan.Allahu Akber

  • De'ann Pembrook
    De'ann Pembrook   6 days ago

    Khabib "Smashed you"! Conor no Honor... you are nothing more than a conman salesman for Dana & the UFC. Man up! Paulie Malignaggi has been right about you all along! Mad respect for Khabib!!! 🎉👊🏼😛

  • Radosny
    Radosny   6 days ago

    Te dzieci skończyły podstawówkę?

  • mang nasir
    mang nasir   6 days ago

    What we learned here: don't ever mess with humble person

  • Samretheany Yim
    Samretheany Yim   1 weeks ago

    My best friend is Irish but he does not act like this piece of SHIT CONOR...!!!

    SADIQ AYED   1 weeks ago

    Look how patience we muslims are...

  • Qorianaa ftrD
    Qorianaa ftrD   1 weeks ago

    ciri² orang stres gitutuh udh di kuasai setan!! nafsu nya gde , hina agama orang, caci maki emg siapa yg ga marah klo agama ,negara dan ayah nya di hina???! cba siapa yg ga marah berarti dia tidak punya otak dia oon dari kecil ga di belajarin akhlak atau dia nya yg kagak mau belajar sih smoga dia di ampuni dosa² nya dan di balas oleh allah SWT khabib allahuakbar 💪❤

  • Basha Bhai
    Basha Bhai   1 weeks ago

    Lion is always strong,Dog is always barking,Real hero KHABIB.💐🌹🌷 from India.

    SORGU SUAL   1 weeks ago

  • Andrik Farianto
    Andrik Farianto   1 weeks ago

    Rusiannnn!!!Hell Good!!!With The Name of Allah, I proud

  • TNL Uvais
    TNL Uvais   1 weeks ago

    McGregor is full of shit talk...his jaws seemed to be dislocated. Lucky not getting his face smashed from Khabib

  • Suhail Shaikh
    Suhail Shaikh   1 weeks ago

    I am also proud of you khabib very nice work keep it up well wishes from india

  • Zafran Afridi
    Zafran Afridi   1 weeks ago

    We are proud of you habib you did the right thing some twats like mccregor deserve that and they need to respect others religion if they don't they will get the same as mccregor got it loads of love and respect from Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰