• Published on: 02 July 2018

    Let's take a look at some popular kitchen mistakes that make our lives harder and discover perfect solutions to avoid them! Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking correctly!

    Learn the ways to store different kinds of products and vacuum seal the plastic bags. I'll show you the ways to remove excess moisture with towel and salt and how to cut butter correctly and separate white from yolk!Stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! There's so much helpful stuff!

    You wanna cook everything faster? Then I highly recommend to watch this video! Find out how to peel and cut fruits and vegetables in the quickest way possible and how to prepare food for the cooking correctly! :)
    I'll show you how to deal with flat champagne, egg cracks, make banana chocolate.

    You're gonna love these decoration ideas! With these tricks you can turn any meal to a culinary masterpiece! And make any occasion in your house ten times brighter and cooler! Here we go! :)


    0:40 Awesome egg hacks
    3:00 Colorful omelet
    4:39 Fast kitchen
    8:43 How to cut and peel quicker

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  • Runtime : 16:36
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    Vanes Es   3 days ago

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    Old Soul   3 days ago

    Awesome video and the music was just as good.

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    Goku Kakarot   3 days ago

    What's the beat in the background? cool 90's vibe

  • transformed apps
    transformed apps   3 days ago

    WOW 6:55 Its an orange. 7:01 Inject with water and it magically turns into a tangerine!! Pure magic!

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    Fiona's Dreamland   1 weeks ago

    I am nine years old and my mom has a mental problem she sleep up to 12 o clock and I was hungry I make egg in oven thank for giving this hack

  • Nate Maynard
    Nate Maynard   1 weeks ago

    I can’t believe people get paid to produce this garbage

  • MixitupGirl
    MixitupGirl   1 weeks ago

    6:11 now my whole counter is wet tho...

  • cintya putri
    cintya putri   1 weeks ago

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