• Published on: 05 November 2018
  • TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES" M/V

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  • Runtime : 4:29
  • TWICE YES or YES TWICE YESorYES TWICE YES YES TWICE 예스오어예스 TWICE YES TWICE 예스 TWICE 예스 오어 예스 트와이스 YES or YES 트와이스 YESorYES 트와이스 YES YES 트와이스 예스오어예스 트와이스 YES 트와이스 예스 트와이스 예스 오어 예스 TWICE YoY 트와이스 YoY YES or YES YESorYES YES 예스오어예스 예스 오어 예스 예스 YoY YES or YES M/V YES or YES MV YES or YES Music Video YES or YES 뮤비 YES or YES 뮤직비디오 예스오어예스 MV 예스오어예스 뮤비 예스오어예스 뮤직비디오 TWICE M/V TWICE MV TWICE Music Video 트와이스 MV 트와이스 뮤직비디오 트와이스 뮤비 TWICE 트와이스


  • Hyyh Pt 2
    Hyyh Pt 2   7 seconds ago

    Twice songs has always been catchy!

  • Elif Bade
    Elif Bade   51 seconds ago

    Mama and Melon Awards vote ONCE'S 🍭❤️

  • Elif Bade
    Elif Bade   1 minuts ago

    70 million ONCE'S fighting 🍭💪Korean ONCE's melon, naver, mnet, soribada vs stream pleaseeeee ONCE's please ❤️

  • Y Y
    Y Y   1 minuts ago

    YES or YES ❤

  • ? tired
    ? tired   1 minuts ago


  • Y Y
    Y Y   1 minuts ago

    NAYEON ❤

  • picachuu *
    picachuu *   1 minuts ago


  • Lordson Seno
    Lordson Seno   1 minuts ago

    Congrats Twice!!! Yes or Yes first win at Show Champion!!Plss vote Twice In MAMA Once

  • Y Y
    Y Y   1 minuts ago


    THE BRGY   1 minuts ago

    Yaaaaas 1ST WIN!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TWICE! Soon, we'll hold the record for most wins. I'm pretty sure Yes or Yes will win a lot, the song is just so good. We already made a dance cover and the choreo is really on fire! It's so nice, challenging yet fun to do. Oh man, so excited for Twice. Always bop songs 😍

  • Sheine Bueno
    Sheine Bueno   2 minuts ago

    I'm a new once :)) oncw fight (follow for follow)

  • Y Y
    Y Y   2 minuts ago

    Do you like twice ?

  • chloy
    chloy   4 minuts ago

    almost 9days after MV released its still [ trending ] in the philippines Ph oncce are crazy with me and twiceKAWAY KAWAY SA MGA PINOY JAN

  • qwerty 23
    qwerty 23   7 minuts ago

    Make your choice Onces , yes or yes?

  • 감스투GAMSTU
    감스투GAMSTU   7 minuts ago

    Brabo 여긴 Alpha 상려달라오버 외국인이 (타타탕타탕) -지직..직 ..인...직- 시 ㄴ 신 ㅎ 호 ㅗ 으악!!!!

  • AnVeiliBobAll YT
    AnVeiliBobAll YT   8 minuts ago

    Who's waiting for the OFFICIAL DANCE PRACTICE Upload by JYPEntertainment? Me: for me to memorize the step and dance in my school

  • Mulberry Babe
    Mulberry Babe   8 minuts ago

    Congratulations TWICE & ONCEs! #YesOrYes1stWin 🏆🎉

  • Happy Man
    Happy Man   10 minuts ago

    LIKEY reached 100 million of views in 34 days last yearPerhaps YoY can set another new record to reach 100 million of views, right?

  • Ms Bloomers
    Ms Bloomers   10 minuts ago

    Fellow ONCE let's Vote TWICE on MAMA. Fighting 💪 🍭

  • Jeon Kookie
    Jeon Kookie   10 minuts ago

    c me hacia raro k las twice no subieran MV xd

  • Mazz Ej
    Mazz Ej   11 minuts ago

    Road to 100 Million!!!Fighting ONCEs!!!!!!

  • Milca Gonzales
    Milca Gonzales   11 minuts ago

    Once vote our twice on mama asian music award 💜 🍭 🍭 ❤️

  • Momo Hirai
    Momo Hirai   12 minuts ago

    TWICE wins on Music Shows (so far): CHEER UP — 11 🏆TT — 13 🏆KNOCK KNOCK — 9 🏆SIGNAL — 12 🏆LIKEY — 7 🏆Heart Shaker — 9 🏆What is Love? — 12 🏆Dance The Night Away — 10 🏆YES or YES — 1 🏆TOTAL — 84 🏆#YESorYES1stwin

  • 크랙스tv
    크랙스tv   14 minuts ago

    처음엔 중독성 없는줄알았지만 3번정도보자마자 졸라재미있어짐

  • Haha Hihi
    Haha Hihi   14 minuts ago

    Fighting ONCE 🔥🔥👌