Wax Presidents Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on: 13 November 2017
  • Warren G. Harding returns to the big screen to save the day with a little help from Tom Hanks and a team of presidential wax statues.

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  • Runtime : 1:54
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    V.KEVIN FRANCIS   8 hours ago

    Just when the heck will you start uploading new videos?

  • cristobalous
    cristobalous   22 hours ago

    John, get back to work, please. I need to start crylaughing again.

  • androkles04
    androkles04   1 days ago

    Come back to us, Oliver! I miss you and this show so much! The miserable world needs your satire to make fun of its shameful state while being educated.

  • Oriana Di Meola
    Oriana Di Meola   2 days ago

    https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/jan/15/every-day-i-am-crushed-the-stateless-man-held-without-trial-by-australia-for-eight-yearsGuys, upvote this so John would do a show on it

  • recolian
    recolian   2 days ago

    where are you boss? you've already taken too many days off. don't you want to work?

  • TV - MY LOVE
    TV - MY LOVE   2 days ago

    Your video has been stolen a lot without your knowledge. Try to find "John Oliver- Brunello Montalcino- Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" There are many channels like yours.

  • ComfyTush
    ComfyTush   4 days ago

    I didn't see Trump in there, his face is actually waxy, believe it or not Ripley's fans, I think he was the main villain in House of Wax and now wears a wax mask to hide his disfigurement. *put's aluminum foil on head.

  • j3wpb
    j3wpb   4 days ago

    What is going on here? Are we still doing this thing or what? Get off your ass and get in the game Oliver.

  • Bob Tarmac
    Bob Tarmac   5 days ago

    I think I'll hold out for the wax philosophers sequel.

  • Paul Stade
    Paul Stade   5 days ago

    Ok so I can watch your trailers but not the videos you put on YouTube for the rest of the world to see?! Fuck you HBO

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith   5 days ago

    Where is John Oliver? He is missing all the cool material. Bring John back!!! We want John, president trump needs u to roast him

  • San V
    San V   5 days ago


  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus   5 days ago

    I must admit that I was unaware that white house was in fact a PSYCHIATRIC WARD!.... Surpriiiiiiise, supriiiiise Goymers!

  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus   5 days ago

    Dear GOP and Maggots Please be advised that I should've been the president of United States not this Donny Little Hands, after all, I have the biggus dickus, just look at the size of deez nutz. Aren't they Presidential. They should be parade around town.Sincerely Up Yours,Biggus Dickus

  • Skian Sukeru
    Skian Sukeru   5 days ago

    Probably a bad time to say this but can you guys do a segment on Mental Health but in other countries,particularly South Korea? The stigma is pretty strong to the point where you’re immediately branded as a troublemaker even though you have ADHD and that medication for mental illnesses are considered illegal(I think there was a scandal that happened in Korea). I’m asking this because recent events, particularly the suicide of a well beloved Kpop star, have put into question Korea’s views on the topic and this show has done in-depth research into a variety of topics that are considered taboo. Hope you see this!

  • JackKlompus13
    JackKlompus13   1 weeks ago

    Lol, is there anyone dumber than a John Oliver fan?

  • Razvan Mihaeanu
    Razvan Mihaeanu   1 weeks ago

    Oprah2020! Or how to throw Hillary under the bus like true Demorats...C'mon, John, after Trump2016 "Do it" skit, do one for Oprah too, you rat face bastard! C'mon John, c'mon Oprah, Do It!

  • Black Dalek
    Black Dalek   1 weeks ago

    OMG its adolf hankler from the hitler-hanks-spectrum

  • Daddy Snert
    Daddy Snert   1 weeks ago

    What with how many shows he's done im starting to think this show ls some sort of fetish thing for him

  • eli wol
    eli wol   1 weeks ago

    Hurry up and come back on!

  • LeMagnum440
    LeMagnum440   1 weeks ago

    Thank god your know an American, keep dancing for your dollars john.

  • Hope Berns
    Hope Berns   1 weeks ago

    please make a web exclusive on the book on Trump called Fire and Fury! i want to hear John’s take on it.

  • Ramzi Kahil
    Ramzi Kahil   1 weeks ago

    You always talk about president Dump, but once he sets the middle east in flames and you talk about this shit?I used to like your show, but now I think you are just as corrupt as everyone else.

  • Deacon Verter
    Deacon Verter   1 weeks ago

    President squad, we have a vital mission for you: find the Ark of the Covenant and look inside......

  • Eve Marie
    Eve Marie   1 weeks ago

    Bless you tom hanks. and thank you Jon Oliver for bringing this into existence.

  • Cheo Pitchford
    Cheo Pitchford   2 weeks ago

    better be over 2 hours long like all the other epic adventure movies these days